Women In Nuclear

Women In Nuclear

Founded in 1993, Women in Nuclear Global (WiN Global) is a global organization which supports and encourages women working in nuclear science and its applications throughout the world, particularly in energy and radiation applications. WiN Global aims to promote understanding and public awareness of the benefits of nuclear and radiation applications through a series of active networks — at chapter, national, regional and international levels.

Women in Nuclear community in Russia is WiN Global national chapter. Its members promote STEM practices among young women, offer the mentorship and stewardship opportunities to female nuclear workers (totaling 86,000 in Russia)  as well as the inspire and nurture their management and leadership skill set.

Official site: winrussia.com

Our Impact

Thanks to the talent support ecosystem at Rosatom females occupy one third of top management positions. WiN Russia members provide mentorship and public dialogue opportunities, organize volunteer drives and contribute to gender equality through participation in international organizations work.

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