Corporate Academy Rosatom

Corporate Academy Rosatom

Leadership, professional and self skills in the modern world are as important as hard skills. The Corporate Academy is on a mission to energize people with knowledge and create opportunities for endless development. The Corporate Academy has quickly expanded to a large force within Rosatom, training over 265 000 employees in programs and events. It helps with improving leadership and English skills of employees. It is also in charge of the HR Digital Culture development, works with students and supports communities of women and young talents.

Our Impact

The Academy provides methodological and expert support for the formation of a targeted corporate culture in industry organizations. It accumulates best practices, develops distance learning courses and trainings, localizes expertise on values and engagement, develops and publishes communication materials on corporate culture, and participates in the formation and development of an industry expert community.

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Our Educational Programs

All programs of the Rosatom Academy are aimed at developing employees in the industry and implementing Rosatom's priority tasks in a rapidly changing business environment. These are modular leadership development programs, programs in support of strategic goals, functional schools, as well as trainings to develop management skills and increase personal effectiveness. There are no standard programs in the Rosatom Academy portfolio. Each program or project of the Academy is focused on business tasks and is developed for the specific need of the industry, taking into account the real production specifics.

Our People