Training in managerial and vocational knowledge and skills

Management knowledge and skills training

Today, Rosatom has 40,000 employees in management positions. One of the key activities of the Academy is the development of leaders at all levels of management. The Academy has developed a unified comprehensive program "School of Managers", as well as trainings that are aimed at developing not only basic management skills, but also competencies that meet modern business requirements.

Training in vocational knowledge and skills


Training in vocational knowledge and skills

An important activity of the Academy is to improve the skills of industry employees in various functional areas, and to develop professional and technical knowledge and skills of managers and specialists. The Academy has 7 Functional Schools aimed at developing vocational and technical knowledge in the field of Economics and Finance, Procurement Activity, Business Logistic and Quality Management, Policy Management, Patent Law, Human Resource Management and Project Management.
The goal of the School of Economics and Finance is to train employees to make decisions that bring the best results at the lowest cost.

The School of Procurement Activity, Business Logistic and Quality Management focuses on the development of employees involved in procurement, business logistic and quality management. The developed training model will improve the efficiency of procurement, business logistic and quality management mechanisms of Rosatom and its organizations.

Regulatory and methodological documents for training preparation are available on the Rosatom State Corporation's industry portal in the section “Procurement”The HR school is designed to form a highly professional HR community with the necessary competencies to support the business.

Training at the School of Project Management allows you to get a comprehensive, systematic training of project specialists, taking into account industry specifics and modern ideas about effective project management methods.

The School of Law is aimed at developing the skills of systemic and situational analysis and legal technique based on updated legal knowledge, taking into account the latest changes in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, legislation and judicial practice of arbitration courts and general jurisdiction courts.

The Rosatom patent school was founded to improve the efficiency of intellectual property management processes, taking into account industry specifics.

The modular training program of the Rosatom School of Managers is a three-level one. Training at the school allows you to develop management skills necessary for the operational effectiveness of managers at different levels.

The Academy also implements programs to develop knowledge and skills in the field of information technology. Every year, about 1,000 people take courses on SAP SRM, work in an united industry-wide electronic document management system, and other industry-wide IT systems.

All programs for the development of vocational knowledge and skills are developed in accordance with the requirements fixed for functional career groups, contain industry cases and calculated examples and are developed with the active participation of industry experts in the functional area.

Training in managerial and vocational knowledge and skills