Training for the implementation of strategic goals

The Rosatom Academy develops programs and projects aimed at developing competencies and skills for the implementation of Rosatom's strategic goals

Rosatom Production System Training

In order to reduce the cost and the timing of the processes in the industry, the Rosatom production system (RPS) is being deployed. The Rosatom Academy provides comprehensive substantive support to the RPS at all stages of implementation.

Training program "New products of Rosatom"

The program was created with the aim of training industry employees to effectively manage the development, design, production, and marketing of new products.

Development program for participants in globalization Global Professionals

Rosatom has developed a program for the development of participants in globalization to successfully conduct its business on international markets. The program includes employees of industry enterprises involved in international projects.

Comprehensive English language training program

The Rosatom Academy has been implementing an English language training program based on industry-standard standards since 2013. Excellent knowledge of English is especially important for the implementation of Rosatom's global strategy.

Training for the implementation of strategic goals