The Mental Health of Employees Became Especially Important During the Pandemic

The coronavirus epidemic has shown that the lack of attention to the mental state of employees not only affects themselves, but also sets back the results of the entire business.

The Mental Health of Employees Became Especially Important During the Pandemic

Recent WHO research shows that the mental health of corporate employees has a significant economic impact. Depression costs humanity $1 trillion annually. Therefore, Rosatom is fighting for mental stability in the company.

“Trust for Rosatom means predictability in unpredictable times,” says Yulia Uzhakina, General Director of the Rosatom corporate academy. “During the pandemic, we recorded a video of the General Director, in which we announced the statistics of cases and measures to combat the disease. It gives people support. Compassion is important: good contact with employees helps them feel needed and reduces stress. Despite all the limitations of the pandemic, we organized communication between employees and joint activity. These are online hackathons, marathons, webinars, and online trainings. We have registered over 1 million participants in our online programs since the beginning of 2020. We also have a psychological help line where employees can get help. When, if not now, can we carry out this work? We organized open lectures on a variety of topics, including how to prevent burnout. In the midst of the pandemic, we organized online morning exercises with professional fitness trainers to support the mental health and mood of our employees. "

At Rosatom, they help employees to overcome difficult life periods, when a person develops "tunnel vision" and it seems that there is no way out. To this end, the Rosatom corporate academy takes care of a supportive and positive atmosphere in the families of employees. Thus, the "Children's Academy" project was launched for the children of employees. A children's drawing competition "My family in isolation" was organized. In order to clarify the volatile environment, information days are held, which helps clearly convey to employees their perspectives.

“Our approach based on trust, compassion and hope helps employees to get through difficult times and understand that everyone's work is important, and that the situation is predictable even in the most unpredictable times,” added Yulia Uzhakina.

Participants of the Impact Team 2050 project, the launch of which was announced at the Global Impact Conference on December 1, 2021, will also be able to influence mental stability at Rosatom. This is an international youth advisory council under the General Director of Rosatom, Alexey Likhachev. You can find out more and submit an application before March 1, 2022, here