The Involvement of Women in the Nuclear Industry Has a Positive Effect on Rosatom as a Whole

One of the vectors of sustainable development is overcoming gender inequality in the nuclear industry.

The Involvement of Women in the Nuclear Industry Has a Positive Effect on Rosatom as a Whole

Alexandra Ryabykh, co-founder of the Association of Women in the Nuclear Industry Foundation, speaking on December 1, 2021 at the Global Impact Conference organized by ROSATOM, spoke about the progress in this area.

“The involvement of women in the nuclear industry should progress, because both science and practice show that when women are included in business processes, it has a positive effect on the entire corporation. Moreover, this is not only a social and technological effect, but also a financial one. Those companies that diversify their teams are multiplying their financial indicators,” said Alexandra Ryabykh.

As the leader of the association said at the conference, it is doubly pleasant that every year the number of women who are general directors and managers of various levels of industrial associations such as Rosatom is increasing.

The Association of Women in the Nuclear Industry Foundation studies the problems women face in their careers. Unfortunately, these are often stereotypes and attitudes of women themselves. They simply cannot imagine themselves as leaders and top officials of corporations. They often believe that by becoming top managers and spending a lot of time on work, they are betraying their families. Sometimes women lack a living example of a successful leader in front of their eyes. The project "Women's Faces of the Nuclear Industry" is aimed at such an audience, Ryabykh said. The project helps girls to grow to high positions.

“At school, girls, along with boys, demonstrate success in the exact sciences. Then a significant percentage of girls enroll at technical institutes, but later many drop out in the 2-3 year. And this is where our influence begins. We need to help the girls at this stage. We are inspired by the example of Maria Skladovskaya-Curie, who became the first woman to receive a Nobel Prize and the first female teacher at the Sorbonne. And, according to the established tradition, there are still many women in science in Russia, it continues to attract them to business and support them at different stages of their career development,” says Alexandra Ryabykh.

Her foundation helps women engage in STEM (Science and Engineering). At the moment, women make up 32% of Rosatom, and this percentage will only grow. The foundation, which has existed for 5 years, employs about 700 women from Russia and other countries. They come to the foundation with projects, ideas and support. They are helped to promote projects and provide coaching.

In particular, Ryabykh expressed the hope that half of the girls will be among the winners of the Impact Team 2050 project, the launch of which was announced at the Global Impact Conference on December 1, 2021. This is an international youth advisory council under the General Director of Rosatom Alexey Likhachev. You can find out more and submit an application before March 1, 2022, here