Rosatom Is Working to Attract Employees, Starting from Kindergarten

At the Global Impact Conference held on December 1, 2021, organized by the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom, Tatyana Terentyeva, Deputy General Director of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom for Human Resources, said that the company had done a great job improving the attraction of young people in recent years.

Rosatom Is Working to Attract Employees, Starting from Kindergarten

Rosatom today has about 300,000 employees. A third of employees are under the age of 35. A third of the employees are women. And 10 years ago, the personnel officers of the corporation had to intensely look for students at technical universities to work for Rosatom, the graduates did not want to work in their field.

“We have done a great job of interacting with student communities and universities, and now we receive 10 applications for every vacancy in Rosatom. About 6,000 students annually undergo internships at Rosatom enterprises. The consortium of Rosatom partner universities includes 18 universities. We are flexible in interacting with them. For example, MEPhI annually changes its training programs, in one case, to raise specialists in Big Data for us," said Tatyana Terentyeva.

According to her, the identification and training of talents should occur even before they are needed. Therefore, ROSATOM has launched not only programs for universities, but also special programs for teachers and parents, starting with kindergarten, which help to popularize work at Rosatom. Also, Rosatom works with schools, popularizing atomic physics in specialized classes. After all, it is in school that the enthusiasm for this or that specialty is formed. One of the partners of the state corporation is the Sirius educational center in Sochi, where talented schoolchildren from all over Russia gather.

“In this way, we are creating an environment that feeds Rosatom with talented personnel. But we don't just stop at recruiting and selecting the most talented engineers for our high-tech corporation. We carry out many projects in the field of culture and art and make the life of thousands of our employees more interesting and fuller,” concluded Terentyeva.

The Impact Team 2050 project, the launch of which was announced at the conference, is also in line with working with youth. This is an international youth advisory council under the General Director of Rosatom, Alexey Likhachev. You can find out more and submit an application before March 1, 2022.