The new future reality of humal capital

On January 14-15, the Gaidar Forum was held on the theme "The new future reality of humal capital"

An expert discussion “The new future reality of humal capital” was held within the framework of the forum.


Dmitry Guzhelya, Head of Evaluation and Methodology Department, Russia – the Country of Opportunities


  • Pavel Bezruchko, Managing Partner of ECOPSY
  • Alexey Komissarov, Vice Rector, RANEPA; Director General, Russia – the Country of Opportunities
  • Julia Uzhakina, Director General of the Rosatom Corporate Academy
  • Andrey Sharonov, President of the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO Personal educational trajectories are a new trend in the education system.

Every educational institution, especially of the new generation, claims to be working in this format. But with the right quality of service, this greatly increases the cost of personnel training for corporations and the civil service alike. It is one thing to develop one program to train a thousand people, but it is totally different when you need to prepare a thousand tailor-made programs for everyone. Worse still, there is a possibility that, after spending substantial resources on the training, the company may lose the new specialist even before they join the team.

Issues for discussion:

  • How to assess the need and feasibility of allocating resources for a candidate or employee (actually for future/deferred loyalty)?
  • What qualities do companies value most, and which are more in demand, soft skills or hard skills?
  • What can the education system and the assessment offer for this task?
  • What are employers doing about this (corporate institutions that train young personnel spending colossal funds) and do they need any solutions?

You can watch the video of Julia Uzhakina's and other participants' performances by following the link.