Change people or replace people

On January 14-15, the Gaidar Forum was held on the theme "Russia and the World after the Pandemic"

An expert discussion “Change people or change people” was held within the framework of the forum.


  • Ruslan Vesterovsky, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia
  • Andrey Mityukov, Managing Partner of TalentTech, Severgroup
  • Svetlana Nikolashina, Head of Human Resources Department, OMK (United Metallurgical Company)
  • Tatyana Terentyeva, Deputy Director General, Rosatom Corporation

Traditional professions are being transformed or dying out, and previously nonexistent ones appear and become massively in demand.

Re-skilling as a transformation of already mature professionals sets new management paradigms.

  • How to deal with the growing gap between the need for new skills / professions and their lack in companies? Reskilling vs Hunting?
  • How does the slogan “Change or be changed” correlate with socially oriented business and sustainable development?
  • Will these tendencies give rise to a class of "unnecessary" people? Who should be concerned with this - business only or societies and states as well?

You can watch the video of Tatyana Terenteva's and other participants' performances by following the link.