Rosatom Academy - one of the best corporate universities in the world

Rosatom Academy was awarded the prestigious international prize Global CCU Awards (Global Council of Corporate Universities)

Rosatom Academy - one of the best corporate universities in the world

During the Award Ceremony, the Global Council of Corporate Universities presented awards to 18 best corporate universities from Germany, Brazil, Indonesia, India, Ireland, Switzerland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and France.

The GlobalCCU 2019 forum, organized for the first time in South America, brought together leaders of major corporate universities from around the world at the Hamburger University. 

During the three-day business program, Forum participants shared best practices and methods of training and development, as well as visited three corporate universities in Brazil: Hamburger University, Santander Academy, and Unibrad Bradesco University.

About the Award:

The Global CCU Awards have been awarded every two years at the Global Council of Corporate Universities Forum since 2005 and identify the strongest corporate universities in 8 nominations: Best Corporate University, Performance, Culture, Corporate Responsibility, Branding, a Comprehensive Human and Digital Approach, Innovation and Technology of the year.

GlobalCCU is a global association of corporate universities, created in 2005 and uniting corporate universities of leading companies from more than 50 countries. The jury of the international professional competition GlobalCCU includes heads of corporate universities Microsoft, Siemens, ArcelorMittal, Danone and other leading companies in the world.