A page where you can find all the expert opinions and case studies that we have collected through our research

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A page where you can find all the expert opinions and case studies that we have collected through our research. Choose from a list of multiple choices below to find real life examples that may help you answer your skills gap questions.
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Leading Universities: “Digital Credentials”

Nine leading universities created a system for digital educational credentials that makes it possible to remove the risk of fraudulent identity, for institutions, and to keep all the credentials on a one platform that is easily accessible, for learners.

University 20.35

University 20.35 pioneers a new network-based learning principle, where educational trajectories for each student are selected in a personalized manner. Different universities, online education platforms and other organizations are providing this customized content. Students are trained both offline and online through the digital platform of the University

ParisCode: fill the digital skills gap

ParisCode is a city-owned program that designed to allow young dropouts, people in the second half of their career and people without professional qualifications to train for digital skills. With the ParisCode action plan, the City of Paris commits to supporting the training and access to employment of 1,000 developer-coders per year by 2020 by providing financial support.

Amazon Career Choice

Amazon’s program to finance and motivate its employees to pursue a degree in transportation, healthcare, mechanical and skilled trades, and IT & Computer Science. 

L’Oréal: FIT app for culture onboarding

Providing learning materials and bite-sized capsules of content on topics such as entrepreneurship, agility, networking, and cooperation for new employees and rewarding employees for learning corporate culture in a gamified way. Part of the strategic onboarding program that is valid for 6 months