Genpact: Aparajita – women in leadership

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Genpact launched a two-step program to empower women in the company and improve gender diversity. In 2014, the overall gender diversity ratio at Genpact’s leadership level was 22%. Only 15% of the leadership team of the BFS Vertical (Assistant Vice President and above) were women. Now, women represent 39% of Genpact’s global labor force.

Situation background

While Genpact has a higher than the industry gender ratio with >39% women in the global headcount and 27% on the Board of Directors, one of their businesses (Banking Financial Services) falls way behind those numbers with 15% women in leadership positions.

Problem Statement

The company aims to ensure 40% or more gender diversity for all existing internal Global Leadership Development (GLD) programs at Genpact.

Steps to solving the problem

The company launched flagship program Aparajita (the Undefeated Woman) to build a corporate culture based on the principles:

Treat gender equality as the top strategic priority. Leaders to be 100% committed to it. 

Build capability in women to facilitate better leadership by creating a supportive ecosystem for them. 

Design conditions with visible monitoring and reporting around gender-related metrics.

Providing coaching for women: Group Coaching Sessions open for Managers and above, Goal-oriented 1-1 Coaching on demand 

Providing development programs on the following fields for women: Leading global and diverse teams, Negotiating, Building high performance teams, Networking, Business Acumen, Productivity, and Stakeholder Management 

Creating infrastructure (around 20 onsite and near-site facilities) : Daycare, Nursing Rooms, Fitness spaces, and Health Food Options

Implementing new policies: Flexi-work, "Differentiated” Performance measurement, and Safety Measures


In 2014-15, 46% of the women from the first wave and 17% from the second wave of “Aparajita” moved to larger or newer roles after completing the program. At the assistant vice president plus level, there has been a 19% increase in women from 2014 to 2016.

Women make up 39% of the global Genpact workforce, and rising. Genpact has seen significant increases in representation of women at very top levels of leadership (Global Business Leaders, Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Marketing Officer, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, etc.), with 24% women at SVP level, 15% women in the Genpact Leadership Council (our highest level of leadership) and 25% women on the board. Women’s Networking Forums for thousand employees in all regions of operation (Asia, Pacific, Africa, Europe, North America and Latin America) with senior-level sponsors and anchors. 

Additional information

Prestigious learning awards (Brandon Hall Group Excellence) recognize Genpact for global talent development practices to better serve clients on their digital transformation journeys. It specifically got three awards for Governance to Guide Leadership Decisions for Aparajita, a diversity improvement program for Banking and Financial Services senior leadership