Institute of Technical Education: “Learning through filming”

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The Institute of Technical Education in Singapore created a system in which students are more involved in the learning process. The basis of the system is a teamwork on film production and presentation of each project by students. The students learn more about related fields by themselves and are taught less by lecturers.

Situation background

Students in the 21st century prefer interactive learning for technical and vocational education and training.

Problem Statement

To make the educational process more convenient and effective for the needs of 21st century students, improve soft skills such as presentation skills and teamwork to socialize students through the educational process and to enhance educational quality.

Steps to solving the problem

The learning process of "Learning through Filming" system can be considered from two sides:

Teachers create the “Learners Engagement Plan" for projects and create the teams of 4 to 5 students
They provide basic information on the field of the project and teach practical skills through the project
When the project is completed and presented, they evaluate the student

Students create a plan for each project to distinguish the key problem, assign responsibilities on the project and reconcile the timeline
Students are trained on how to create films at special workshops
Before filming, they learn all the details about the project by themselves, write a script of the film and shoot the film
Each part of the film should be reevaluated by the project team
When the whole film is completed, students present their project to other students


Over 90% of students claim that they get enhanced education and better acquire skills
About 90% of students acknowledge the effectiveness of learning through filming approach
Over 90% of students show greater ability to perform predefined or routine tasks

Additional information

The initiative is part of Ministry of Education program "Teach Less Learn More"