L’Oréal: FIT app for culture onboarding

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Providing learning materials and bite-sized capsules of content on topics such as entrepreneurship, agility, networking, and cooperation for new employees and rewarding employees for learning corporate culture in a gamified way. Part of the strategic onboarding program that is valid for 6 months 

Situation background

New recruits don't feel comfortable and can't be productive from the Day 1 at the company. The least that organizations can do to ease the pressure is to make the onboarding an enjoyable process.

Problem Statement

The aim of the program is to attract new talent to the firm and to ensure smooth integration and support in decoding and mastering the firm’s culture in order to unlock the full potential of new employees.

Steps to solving the problem

A digital app, "FIT," supports new recruits in their first weeks of onboarding. The app was designed by the L’Oréal Culture team, in co-creation with 50 newcomers. The app is available in 11 languages and has been deployed in 30 countries. 

The content is available to all employees:

  • Learning materials on entrepreneurship, agility, networking and cooperation
  • Gamified experience with missions to complete in real life 
  • Rewards in the form of "Insider tips" only known inside the company 

Through texts, videos, employee testimonials, as well as quizzes, games and real-life missions 

Recommended duration of 1 month, split into 5-10 minute daily sessions, newcomers progressively discover “Insider Secrets” (key events, anecdotes, company myths and legends) to earn points and eventually become true immersed in L'Oréal culture

  • More than 8 000 active users worldwide
  • Users are +42% more likely to recommend L’Oréal as an employer to a friend (Employee Net Promoter score)
  • Users report +10% in overall onboarding satisfaction after 6 months compared to non-app users
Additional information

"Our objective with the Fit Culture App is to take our onboarding practices to the next level and to give each and every employee, from the moment they arrive, the keys to succeed in full alignment with company values such as multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion.”

Laurent Reich, Director of International Learning Practice